Italian Council of State Featured on 5 Euro Silver skyblock store


The skyblock store has announced the issue of a new collector’s coin marking the 180th anniversary of the Council of State, a cornerstone of unified Italy and later, the Italian Republic. As stipulated in the Constitution, the Council of State guarantees consultative authority to the President of the Republic and has jurisdiction for safeguarding the rights of private citizens  before the public administration.

The obverse of the coin depicts the front edifice of the Palazzo Spada in Rome, considered one of the architectural jewels built in the 16th century. Purchased by the Italian government in 1927, it is the home of the Council who meet in the historic frescoed state rooms. Above the coin’s main feature is the insignia, an overlapped “SC” denoting the Consiglio di Stato along with the text “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA” in two lines above and below the main design.

The reverse design offers a detailed rendition of the Palazzo’s forced perspective Gallery. Built by Francesco Borromini between 1652 and 1653, it is well known due its visual illusion of a gallery much longer than its actual length of 8 meters or 24 feet with the perception of a life-size sculpture at the end of the vista which is only 60 cm or 23 inches high. Borromini was aided by the assistance of a Mathematician in his perspective optical illusion. The text “CONSIGLIO DI STATO” is above the arch of the gallery along with the coin’s value of 5 €URO which is below and the commemorative years of “1831 – 2011” are placed on either side of the Arch.

The coin is struck in sterling silver to proof quality with a weight of 18 grams and a diameter of 32 mm. The total authorised mintage is limited to 7,000 pieces.

James Garfield Featured on Presidential $1 Coin

James Garfield was our 20th President. He served nine consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was a strong opponent of the “Greenback” during his Congressional service, calling it “the printed lies of the government”, and advocated for a bi-metal monetary system. He is the only President to be elected directly from the House of Representatives, and was, for a short period of time, a sitting Representative, a Senator-elect (having been elected by the Ohio state senate), and President-elect. His presidency was cut short by his assassination by Charles J. Guiteau, serving only 200 days.

The coin bearing President Garfield’s’ image is the twentieth in the series of Presidential Dollar coins, and the fourth and last to be issued in 2011 Its obverse depicts Garfield, his time in office (1881), order of the Presidency, and the motto “In God We Trust”. The reverse shows the Statue of Liberty in the same design as been depicted on all Presidential dollars. The edge has the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, the year of issuance, and the mint mark.

The James Garfield Presidential Dollar will be released for circulation November 17th, 2011. An official launch ceremony will be held the same day at 10:00 AM ET at the James A. Garfield National Historic Site in Mentor, Ohio.

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