AndyMcloed wins Full Tilt Poker game289 XIX Event 44


Full Tilt Poker Series (FTOPS) XIX Event 44 was the series’ penultimate event. As such, over 6,000 players registered for one last shot at game289 glory. The format of the tournament was a doozy – a Super Stack Knockout played Six-Handed. The players were amped thanks to the prize pool that exceeded the $1 million mark.

Hosting Event 44 was Peter Jetten, a Canadian Full Tilt Red Pro. Jetten is most famous for his runner-up finish in a PLO World Series of Poker (WSOP) event. He didn’t win but he did take home over $500,000. In 2010, Jetten final tabled the Aussie Millions Main Event and made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event (54th).

FTOPS XIX Event #44 attracted several of Full Tilt’s famous pros. Taylor Caby, David Benyamine, Erica Schoenberg, and Josh Arieh were in attendance. Bill Gazes, Jeff Madsen, Maciek Gracz, Matt Jarvis, and Steve Zolotow made the money. Although five pros cashed, none made it deep.

After a 4-way deal, AndyMcloed defeated the final three play and claimed ultimate victory. He doesn’t put in the volume we see from most online tournament winners, but more power to him. For his win, AndyMcloed received over $163k and a virtual gold jersey avatar that identifies him as an FTOPS’ champion. Congratulations!

Once again, FTOPS XIX was a rousing success with over $20 million in prize money awarded. See you in three months for FTOPS XX!

Besting 6,581 of his fellows, “A Caveman Can” defied the odds to capture the crown in Friday’s Event 37 of the 19th running of FTOPS.

Full Tilt seems to have struck a winning formula with their Multi-Entry Tournament. Such was the case here, when a field of 6,581 sold off at the price of $200 + $16. Initially featuring a guarantee of only $500k, the total prize pool actually eclipsed the million mark before settling at $1,316,200.

The game of choice was no limit Texas Hold’em, with super stack chips and six-max tables. One of the most interesting occurrences of the entire event took place at the final table. With four players remaining, a massive deal was struck, splitting the prize pool into four distinct shares.

Here’s how the final table shook out, including the effects of the far-reaching deal.

#1 – A Caveman Can ($118,850.35)

#2 – bladik ($168,818.83)

#3 – kinglega ($158,580.72)

#4 – AJKHoosier1 ($145,013.46)

#5 – tom44411 ($57,912.80)

#6 – RymesWOrange ($39,486)

Out of its nearly 6,600 entrant, the top 492 received a return on their money. The minimum payout, set at $460.67, was awarded to all the way up to place 433.

It was a good event for the pro’s, with several finishing inside the pay line. Foremost among these was Toto Leonidas, whose 10th place berth earned a sizable sum of $16,715.44. Next in line was Joseph Cheong, wrapping his day in 13th for $9,279.21. Other notables on the day included Martin Kabrhel (55th, $1,961.14) Dag Mikkelsen (57th, 1,961.14), Yongsuk Chang (110th, $1,171.42), Ali Sarkeshik (231st, $723.91), Allen Cunningham (445th, $460.67), and Roberto Santiago (461st, $460.67).

Falling just outside the bubble was Bruno Stefanelli, who bowed out in 502nd place.

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